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3 Reasons To Go On A Vineyard Tour

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If you are looking for a fun activity that you haven't tried before, you should consider going on a vineyard tour. Vineyards are where the grapes are grown to create wine and many of them offer tours at different times during the year. If you live near a vineyard, then you should have no problems getting in for a tour when they are being hosted. Here are 3 great reasons to go on a vineyard tour.

You Can Learn How Wine Is Made 

As part of the tour, you get to learn how wine is made. While many people understand that wine is created from grapes, they don't understand many of the details that go into creating it. The methods have also changed over the years, due to the technological advances, so you can also see what equipment is now used and how it is used in the process. They will start from the vineyards themselves and then take you inside to the factory where the wine is then created. This can help you appreciate the process much more and help you understand all of the hard work that goes into created great wine. 

You Can Try Certain Aspects Of Wine Creation

A lot of the vineyards wineries that host tours also give you the opportunity to perform some of the tasks that are necessary to creating wine. On a small level, they may have you pick some of the grapes from the vine or they may allow you to run the machine the crushes that grapes. This hands-on experience is one that you can't get anywhere else and it is perhaps the best way to learn how to make wine.

You Get Free Wine 

At the end of the tour, you get to taste some of the wine that is created at that particular vineyard and winery and you won't be charged for it. Since you paid for the tour itself, you get to try the wine as part of the tour experience. This is a great way to end the tour because you get to sip on delicious wine as you look over a beautiful vineyard. Some locations let you sample a few different kinds of wine in smaller cups, while others offer you a single wine in a larger glass. In either case, if you decide that you like the wine, you can purchase a bottle for yourself before you go. 


10 February 2018