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After spending all of my money on things like mortgages and bills for about twenty years, I finally decided that it was time to take a trip to enjoy my life. I began researching different parts of the world that would interest me and my family, and I settled on a European vacation fit for a king. We stayed in all of the best hotels and focused on eating out and enjoying our time away from home, and by the time we got back, we felt great about the progress we had made. I wanted to make a blog all about saving money on the road, so you can travel more and worry less.

Are You Planning A Summer Family Reunion?

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Is this the year that you are responsible for hosting or planning your family reunion? If so, it's not too soon to begin your plans now. Before you know it, the kids will be out of school and your family reunion will be a reality. By planning ahead, you can make assignments and you can do things like reserving accommodations without the fear of not having things available to you and your group. From securing a place to stay to arranging for fishing boat rentals, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a truly fun and memorable reunion for your family.

Your Reunion Destination: Since your reunion will be held during the summer months, that more than likely means that you'll be wanting to be close to water. After all, what's a summer vacation without swimming and other water sports? Unless your family has a set place where you go for each reunion, think about selecting about three destinations. When you have narrowed the selections down, think about sending them to your other family members so that you can choose a place where the majority wants to go. Depending on where you live and on how much time you'll have, consider selecting destinations like the beach or a lake. 

The Reunion Activities: It sure would be nice if you could get a committee to help you with planning activities. Think about asking an individual from different age groups to help you with your plans. For example, an older child, a teenager, and a middle-age person and a senior citizen will probably have some great input for activities that the group can do. Think about combining small activities with major ones. For example, think about renting a fishing boat for those who want to go deep sea fishing. While that group is out on the water, some of the other folks might rather rent a small fishing boat for fishing closer to your accommodations. 

If you do decide to rent a fishing boat, your guide will know just where to take your group for the best fishing in the area. And the boat rental service will more than likely also have life vests in all sizes. Be sure to arrange for the boat rental ahead of time. Be specific about dates, times, and the number of people that will be in your group. For more information, contact a company like Panama Nautical Club.


25 February 2018