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What You Can Expect To Experience On An Airboat Ride

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There is nothing quite like the feeling of speeding through the marshlands or swamps, seeing wildlife in their natural habitat and enjoying a warm summer or winter day. Whether you choose to ride an airboat in the Florida Everglades or deep in Lousiana's backcountry, it's an experience of a lifetime. What can you expect on your airboat ride? Here are some things to take into account.


These boats are fast and many of them are open-aired and it might seem like you could fall out at a moment's notice. They are perfectly safe, however. Airboat captains in both Louisiana and Florida are some of the most experienced in the world and have spent the majority of their lives in these waters. The captains are typically certified by the US Coast Guard to operate airboats and they always take their passengers' safety into account.

Is it Loud?

The engine on an airboat can be loud, yes. It is large and is attached to the back of the boat and usually at hearing level unlike traditional boats you might be used to. Most companies who take you on airboat tours do offer hearing protection to their passengers. You can also bring along earplugs if you are worried about the noise.

What Can You See?

While on an airboat tour and depending on which location you choose, you can see a variety of wildlife on your trip. In both Florida and Louisiana, you may see alligators, eagles, snakes, fish jumping, ducks, and turkeys. You will see various unique forms of plants and flowers and even trees that grow out of flooded areas. You may see some locals and the famous bayou homes should the airboat company be allowed to pass by.

What you will see will largely depend on the time of year you go and the time of day. A lot of animals are more active in hot weather in the morning so you might want to pick this time to take your trip.

What to Wear?

Depending on the time of year and time of day you take your airboat tour, you should be prepared for any weather changes. In summer, Florida does get frequent rainstorms in the afternoon, so a light jacket or raincoat is recommended. You can wear shorts or jeans as it does get chilly in the morning and with the speed of the boat, the wind might cool you as well. You can wear casual clothes like T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts as well as long as they are comfortable.

Contact a company, like Ride The Wind Private Airboat Charters, for more help.


26 February 2018