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What Are The Top Features A Conference Room Should Have To Offer?


When you are searching for the right conference room to hold your next event in, there are certain amenities and features it should offer you. The hotel should offer plenty of parking for conference guests, there should be rooms for your out-of-town attendees to stay in, and it should be welcoming and easy to find. What other top features should a conference room have to offer before you book it?

Great Location

The venue you choose should not be hard to find. It should be located in a neighborhood in which your guests will feel at home and safe. For those needing transportation like rail, bus, or air, it needs to be easily accessible and not take too long to reach from airports, railroad stations, or bus terminals. There should also be a nice selection of restaurants, attractions, and things to do for your guests during downtimes.

Connected Venue

Depending on what your event or conference is for, you should make sure that the venue is connected. This means there should be either wired or wireless WiFi connections fast enough for everyone there. If you plan on having display demonstrations, is the room wired for AV equipment such as monitors and microphones? Are there extra computers offered to those who didn't bring any along with them? Can you live-stream your event from here? You should also look for extra electrical outlets, enough for plenty of people to plug in should they need to.

It is very important to have the right technology for your conference in order for it to be a success.

Dedicated Staff

While most hotels will offer some staff to help with setting up your conference and you may be able to hire some to stay and help with things, it is better to have a dedicated staff specifically for your conference alone. They should be able to answer any questions you or your guests have, be knowledgeable about what is offered when you book with them, and be able to help with any issues that could arise before and during the conference.


You might wish to choose your own caterer, since you might have worked with one before and you like them. However, if you haven't put on a conference or it's in a different city than you normally hold them, then the hotel should offer catering for your event.

This can include rentals of chairs and tables, kitchen space for hot food preparation, food and beverage availability and more. You should be able to adjust your needs to have the most important items you want and not only have to accept what is offered in a package too. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport.


17 April 2018