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4 Tips for Renting a Charter Bus for Kids

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Chartering a bus can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get a group of kids from point A to point B. It's easier than loading the group into 15 different cars and trying to keep track of one another, and it costs significantly less than flying with that many youngsters. However, you do still need to be prepared when renting a charter bus with a group of kids. Here are a few tips to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

1. Let the bus company know the bus is for kids.

When you call the charter bus company to book the bus, make sure you tell them that the passengers will be mostly children. This way, they will send a driver who is used to dealing with kids. Some newer drivers, for instance, may need to focus a little more and may not want the additional distraction of kids while doing so. By making the charter bus company aware, you ensure you get a driver who is informed and prepared to deal with the noise and chaos that a group of kids can cause.

2. Pick the bus with the bathroom.

Some charter buses have bathrooms, and others do not. Even if you are only going on a 1–2 hour trip, it's worth paying more for a bus with a bathroom. When you have a large group of kids, someone will have to use the bathroom during the drive, and having a bathroom on-board will save you from having to make frequent stops.

3. Bring snacks and games.

The novelty of riding in a charter bus will wear off about a half-hour into your trip — and then you'll need a way to keep the kids entertained. Bringing a bunch of individually packaged snacks will help. You can also bring along some games made for car rides. (Check out your local book store for some good ones.)

4. Bring a cleaning kit.

Inevitably, someone will spill their snack or drink all over the floor or down the front of their clothes. You don't want the driver to have to pull over and clean up the mess, so bring along a cleaning kit with some basic cleaning sprays, sponges, and wipes. 

Riding on a charter bus with kids can bring up some challenges, but with the tips above, you will be well prepared. Learn more by contacting local charter bus services. 


17 August 2020