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Winter Camping: 3 Benefits Of Camper Van Rentals

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Exploring nature does not have to be limited to just the warmer months of the year. Winter camping offers spectacular views, new ways to see nature, and unique experiences you cannot find during other months of the year. As you plan out a winter exploration, consider the benefits of a camper van rental.

1. Wind Protection

When camping in the winter, cold weather is the biggest obstacle to overcome. The freezing overnight temperatures are often made worse when wind blows directly on a tent. The insulated walls of adventure van rentals provide you with extra wind protection. While cold air may seep into a vehicle, the wind protection makes a big difference.

You do not need to worry about staking down a tent or dealing with howling winds all night. A camper van will block out the noise and impact of the wind.

2. Heating Options

A camper van has multiple options for heat. You can fill the sleeper part of the van with extra cushions and blankets that will provide extra body warmth. Some vans also feature all-night heating options that use minimal amounts of fuel. Some camper vans may include an auxiliary power unit that provides heat separate from the main engine.

If the van includes USB ports, then you can bring electronic hand warmers that charge through the port. You can charge the hand warmers during the day and then use them through the night for an extra heat source.

3. Navigation

Traveling in winter includes a lot of messy road conditions including snow, ice, slush, and mud. With a camper van, you can get through the elements. A winter rental may include snow tires which can drive through both on-road and off-road conditions. You will have more chances to explore deeper into trails and get out of tough situations.

A camper van often includes a raise level so large snow chunks and ice will not get jammed up underneath the van. Built-in GPS systems can offer road alerts and information on downed trees, closed roads, or snow hazards. With the extra information, you can navigate through your trip easier and avoid a lot of the major problems.

During your first winter van rental, you will learn what features you enjoy and choose the same options for winter trips in the future. With all of the extras, you can effectively go on camping trips all year long. Look for a camper van rental to start your adventure.


26 January 2021