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5 Reasons A Cabin Rental Is Great Pandemic Era Lodging

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Are you looking for a vacation getaway but worry about exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic during travel? If so, you're far from alone. Many Americans have put off leisure travel far too long and need to recharge. The good news is that you can do it safely, and one way is to opt for a cabin getaway rather than a traditional hotel or resort. How can a cabin rental keep you safe during pandemic travel? Here are a few important ways.

1. Hosts Offer Added Measures. Cabins are owned not by a corporation with multiple agendas but by individuals and small businesses. Many of these hosts have stepped up proactively to offer travelers more Covid-19 safety features. This includes advanced and more thorough cleaning, better ventilation options, and increased time between guests.

2. Cabins Aren't Shared Accommodations. A cabin rental is an individual home instead of a large shared lodging. You, your family, or your group are the only ones there and you won't come into unavoidable contact with others the way you do at a hotel or resort. Most cabins are in average neighborhoods and some may even be more isolated than that. This all means you control who you interact with during your stay.

3. You Can Bring Your Own Things. Would you feel better about staying at a new place if you can bring your own coronavirus safety measures? Then a cabin is a good choice. Guests can bring whatever cleaning or replacement products they would prefer, ranging from your own disinfection materials to your own linens or table covers. There's plenty of space and many hosts are happy to work with guests' preferences. 

4. You Can Stay In. If you're concerned about going out among other travelers to eat, entertain, and enjoy relaxation, you want accommodations that let you do more of it at home. In your rented cabin, you can make full meals in full kitchens, entertain groups at home, have barbeques on large decks, enjoy a private pool or spa, and sit back to watch beautiful sunsets from the private yard. 

5. It's Contactless Travel. Most cabin hosts operate their rental business with little or no contact between guests, hosts, and service providers. You can generally book your stay online, communicate through email and phone, receive a code or key remotely, and leave before cleaning or maintenance personnel arrives. Hosts can also usually make arrangements for repairs or alterations to be made without interacting with your party. 

Want to know more about what makes a cabin the perfect safe getaway for those weary of the pandemic? Start by touring cabins for rent in your target area virtually or in-person today. Then you can start planning your much-needed vacation tomorrow. Contact a company with cabin rentals to learn more.


23 August 2021