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Tips For Reserving A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding Reception

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The task of reserving a venue for your wedding reception can be a challenging experience. While banquet halls can be extremely effective venues for weddings, it is common for those organizing one of these receptions to fail to consider the full range of factors that should be reviewed when choosing a banquet hall for their reception.

Verify That The Banquet Hall Can Support Your Total Number Of Guests And Services

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to your banquet hall will be to ensure that it is large enough for your event. Unfortunately, some people may only count their guests in this consideration. In reality, it is important to also consider the needs of the photographers, catering services, bands or other professionals that you may have retained.

Understand The Deposit Refund Policies

Every venue will likely have strict rules requiring a deposit to be paid in order to reserve the facility. Typically, this deposit will be returned as long as the event is not canceled and the facility is free of serious damage at the end of the event. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to fail to consider the time that it may take for the refund to be processed, and this can lead to trouble if they had planned on using the refund for their honeymoon or other important expenses. By carefully reviewing the deposit policies, you can determine when you should expect to have this money returned so that you can more effectively plan.

Take Pictures When Touring Potential Facilities

If you plan on reviewing multiple banquet halls, it can become increasingly difficult to keep all of these venues organized in your mind. To avoid a situation where you are unable or incorrectly remember a detail about one of the venues, you should take photographs when you tour these facilities. This will give you a point of reference so that you can more easily remember details about the venue.

Consider Offering Valet Parking

If you will have a large number of guests attending your reception, offering them the services of valet parking can greatly reduce the stress and confusion that may occur when the guests arrive or attempt to leave. This can be particularly useful for individuals that plan on guests with mobility issues attending. If you decide to use these services, you should discuss it with the venue manager so that you can know where to set the valet stand and whether you should reserve parking spots.


5 February 2018