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Tourism And Homelessness: An Unusual Connection

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Homelessness occurs in every U.S. state and every country around the world. The number of homeless citizens varies by location, but many become unhoused for similar reasons. Many tourist destinations have high populations of homeless residents, and this has encouraged the recent development of a trend known as homeless tourism.

Homelessness in Tourist Destinations

The popularity of a city or a neighborhood causes an increase in real estate prices and other living costs. The rising rates can make it difficult for long-time residents to maintain their standard of living or to have their basic needs met. Homelessness may increase in these areas because of tourism, but it is not the only reason it occurs.

Experts who take the time to learn and share homelessness stories know that people without housing have the same reason to appreciate the region as those who plan vacations there. A favorable climate makes it easier to live outside. Warm scenic areas have more desirability than somewhere cold and less visually appealing. 

Another possible cause is that many tourists bring cash, are not distracted by daily worries, and their good mood may make them more willing to donate to someone in need. The availability of empty rental houses and public parks during the off-season makes it possible for homeless individuals to find overnight shelter without witnesses who may call the police.

Traveling to Experience Homelessness

Homeless tourism exists to share genuine stories of the homeless residents in the area. Immersion tours enable people to live the lifestyle for a day. Tourists feel what it is like to sleep in the cold, learn to protect themselves, and witness the uncensored reactions of passersby. The tours make it possible to meet those who live the lifestyle daily and to appreciate their experience.

Short tours with volunteers through the encampments, shelters, and streets also educate tourists who want to learn more. Opportunities for these tours exist in the United States, Europe, and many other regions. The value and popularity of the experience have encouraged homeless advocates to create more opportunities for others to see the reality.

Using Tourism for Improvement

Tourists should not use these opportunities to collect homelessness stories to sell books or get more followers on social media. It should empower the tourist to become a voice for change. The organizers of the tour offer them as an educational experience, not to entertain.

Homelessness tourism allows people to see the policies used in other countries and learn firsthand what works, like programs in Finland and Denmark. These countries use a "housing first" agenda to ensure everyone has access to a home. Once sheltered, they can address unemployment and other issues that lead to homelessness.

Traveling to an unfamiliar place and exploring or staying alone within a homeless community is unsafe. Contact a reputable tour group or a charitable organization that provides the experience for a safe option. Follow the guidelines of experts and make the most of the stories learned. Return home with the desire to connect with others to create a plan for change.

For more information on homelessness stories, contact a company near you.


27 July 2023