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After spending all of my money on things like mortgages and bills for about twenty years, I finally decided that it was time to take a trip to enjoy my life. I began researching different parts of the world that would interest me and my family, and I settled on a European vacation fit for a king. We stayed in all of the best hotels and focused on eating out and enjoying our time away from home, and by the time we got back, we felt great about the progress we had made. I wanted to make a blog all about saving money on the road, so you can travel more and worry less.

Why You Should Book A Beachfront Studio For Your Next Beach Vacation

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If you are one of the approximately 45 percent of Americans who take summer vacations, there is a good chance that you are heading to the beach. Beaches across the US have long been popular with vacationers. Many people find the sun, sand, and water to be extremely relaxing. In fact, scientific studies have indicated that being in a location where you can see a lot of blue space, like a large body of water, can lead to lower levels of psychological distress. If you are thinking about heading to the beach, staying in a beachfront vacation studio may be the right option.

They Have Many Of The Comforts Of Home

While hotels offer plenty of amenities that many travelers enjoy, beachfront vacation studios are more likely to have many of the comforts of home. Finding a hotel room with a built-in kitchen or kitchenette can be difficult. However, many studios have areas where you can cook your own food and enjoy your meals. Beachfront vacation studios also tend to have a residential feel. Many find that these studios offer more peace and quiet than other types of accommodations. 

They Offer Better Value Than A Hotel

While not all beachfront vacation studios are less expensive than a hotel room, in many cases they offer more value. Beachfront studios are more likely to have free or low-cost parking. With a hotel, it's usually necessary to go out to eat for every meal or to pay for room service. With a studio, you can usually prepare meals yourself if they come equipped with a kitchen. Hotel rooms with a beach view also tend to come at a premium, while with a studio you are more likely to get the views you want. 

You Can Get The Location You Want

Another reason to consider looking into a beachfront studio for your next beach vacation is that you may be able to get the location you want a little bit easier. Getting a hotel room right on the beach can be difficult or even impossible during the busy summer months. In some cases, there may not even be a hotel where you want to stay. Beachfront studios are often available in unique or out-of-the-way locations. By looking into beachfront studios, you may be able to find the best location for your beach vacation.

Booking a beachfront studio, such as at Nah Uxibal Vacation Rentals, for your next beach vacation may be the right choice for you. These studios have many of the comforts of home, tend to offer a lot of value, and can make it easier for you to stay in the location you desire.


27 February 2018