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Get The Most Out Of Your Disney Disability Access Service Pass


If you're a person with a disability or the parent of a child with a disability and you're looking for an accessible vacation destination, Disney parks are a great choice. Disney makes a great effort to be aware and accommodating for guests with disabilities. One service that Disney offers is the Disability Access Service pass, which is a card with your photo on it that allows you to approach a ride and get a return time for the ride so that you don't have to stand or sit in line for a long wait. Take a look at some tips that will allow you to get the most out of your Disability Access Service pass.

Enlist a Runner To Book a Return Time

One drawback of the Disability Access Service pass is that it does result in having to visit each attraction twice – once to book a return time, then again to ride the ride. It's better than sitting in line in a wheelchair for long periods of time, but it's still a clunky system.

Luckily, while the person whose picture is on the pass has to be present for their group to go on the ride, they do not have to be present to get a return time. This means that as long as you're traveling with another able-bodied adult or teenager, you can send that person to get a return time for the ride you want, while you do something else.

Remember that Return Times are Open-Ended

Don't like the idea of having to rush to make a return time appointment? Don't worry! You don't have to. Once a staff member gives you a return time for an attraction, it's good until you redeem it. So if your return time for Space Mountain is at 12:15, but you decide to eat lunch and don't finish until 1:30, you're fine to redeem your ride then.

Once you realize this, it becomes much easier to plan your day. For example, if you want to leave the park and take a nap in the middle of the day and return when the sun goes down, you can get a return time before you leave the park and go straight to your ride once you return.

Combine the Disability Access Pass with the FastPass

Investing in a FastPass and using it in combination with the Disability Access Service pass can really help you get more out of your day. The FastPass allows you to pre-book several attractions at the beginning of your day, and once you use them up, you can continue to pre-book attractions one at a time.

Get a return time for one ride with your Disability Access Service pass before heading off to a pre-booked FastPass ride. By the time you've experienced your FastPass attraction, you'll probably have reached the return time for the next ride.

Disney is a magical place for everyone, including people with disabilities. Don't hesitate to ask staff members if you have questions or concerns about using the Disability Access Service pass. For more information, contact an adventures by Disney travel agent.


4 March 2018