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Beyond The White House: 4 Must-See Attractions In Washington D.C.

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The White House is at the top of most people's list of must-see attractions in Washington D.C., but it is far from the only thing to see when you visit the nation's capital. Here are four more attractions you definitely need to take the time to see while you're around. 

1. The Library of Congress

Even if you are not a bookworm, you need to put the Library of Congress on your list. It's actually three different buildings, and each one is absolutely filled with books and other literature. There are collections from the Civil War era, the Great Depression, and so forth. There's also an interesting collection of children's books over the years that really shows how things have changed. If you're a history buff, you'll love the collections of letters and papers from various government officials, such as Alexander Hamilton.

2. The Holocaust Museum

Visiting the Holocaust Museum is a very sobering experience, but it is an important one. The experiences of Jews during World War II should never be forgotten. This museum not only offers artifacts from this dark period of history, but it also tells personal stories and offers a detailed look at the conditions that led up to the holocaust. 

3. The National Zoo

If you need your spirits lifted after your experience at the Holocaust Museum, head to the National Zoo. It's a beautifully landscaped zoo with a lot of unique animals like giant pandas and leopards. The zoos's herd of Asian elephants even includes a few babies. Admission to the National Zoo is always free, which is definitely a good thing if you're traveling with a big group. There are a lot of nice areas where you can sit down and enjoy a picnic lunch amidst nature.

4. Newseum

The Newseum contains an interesting collection of news articles and materials over the years. You can see a piece of the Berlin Wall, along with pictures of various Pulitzer Prizes awarded over the years. The rooftop terrace also offers a unique look at the city from above. If you like political cartoons, you will also see plenty of them here.

Make sure you include the four attractions above in your Washington D.C. plans. If planning your trip has become a little overwhelming, consider booking a pre-arranged tour instead. Your tour guide can book all of your visits and make sure you have transportation from place to place. For more information, contact companies like WashingDCTraveler.


15 July 2019