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5 Compelling Reasons To Make Your Destination Wedding Closer To Home

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When most people think of a destination wedding, they think about nuptials in far-flung places that require passports and speak a foreign language. But should your destination wedding be a lot closer to home? The answer may be 'yes', and here are a few of the good reasons why.

1. Traveling Now Can Be Difficult

Not everyone will be comfortable or able to travel in the next year or two. The travel industry has and will continue to suffer from business closures, government restrictions, and concerns over health and wellness. So the less distance you and your guests have to travel, the better everyone is likely to feel about it. 

2. You Can Create Destinations Anywhere

If you want a particular type of locale, you can often recreate it by looking a lot closer to home. Want a beach wedding in the Far East? What about a beach wedding in the Florida Keys or charming Mackinac Island? Substitute the lush Hawaiian rain forest with the lush Pacific Northwest rain forests. Or trade out the nightlife of New York City for the nightlife in a lively downtown in your nearest metro area. 

3. You'll Save Money

If you don't have to spend as much money to get yourself, your guests, and your stuff to a distant destination, you can spend that money on other wedding day aspects. That might provide a bigger budget for your dress, the choice of venue or resort, and flowers. Or you could use the saved funds to help your VIP guests be there on the big day. 

4. More People Could Attend

Destination weddings can be expensive and difficult for guests, which often discourages them from attending. But if they can drive to the wedding or pay for just local flights, more people may be able to join you. Looking for closer options is a great way to show your guests how much you want them to share your day. 

5. You Can Visit the Venue

Planning a wedding remotely is always a challenge. But when that wedding is in a foreign country or a region with a different language, you may not even be able to visit — instead, relying on others to create your day or just getting whatever is provided. If you opt for a closer destination, you can visit more regularly, meet with vendors, see sights for yourself, and transport your own stuff more easily. 

Could your destination wedding plans benefit from one or more of these perks? If so, start today by meeting with a destination wedding venue close to your home base. Together, you can craft a day you'll love and that everyone can enjoy together. 

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21 May 2020