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Why You Should Have A Yacht Charter For Your Wedding

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You might be thinking you want something a little different for your wedding. You may have thought of having a destination wedding or at least one held outside. There might be a location that is the best of both worlds. You could consider hiring a yacht charter for your wedding. You get the excitement and thrill of a destination type wedding with an outdoor feel.

Here are some good reasons you should hire a yacht charter for your wedding.

Destination Style Wedding

If you had considered having a destination wedding but don't really want to travel too far it, a yacht charter could be your next best thing. If you live near a large lake or perhaps close to an ocean, you could charter a yacht and still get the feel of having your wedding in some tropical locale. In fact, if you still want to have a destination wedding, you could hire a yacht charter at the location you are traveling too as well.

A definite advantage to a yacht charter wedding is the entire day and night can happen in one place. This means, having the ceremony and reception on board the yacht. This is a definite advantage in the logistics of getting your wedding party and guests to the event without having to travel to a secondary location.

Weddings Can Be All-Inclusive

Just like with many resorts and hotels, a yacht charter wedding can be all-inclusive. This means, you can have everything from the ceremony to the cake, bar, meal, and even DJ to entertain your guests after the wedding for one price. This can also include decorations, china, bartenders and waitstaff, and more.

You only have to work with the wedding coordinator to plan the wedding of your dreams and they take care of the rest. If you want add-ons, it's possible you may have to pay an extra fee for anything additional you wish to have, but many yacht charter weddings come with almost everything you need.

Views Will Change Throughout The Event

If you like the idea of getting married on a cruise ship while the ship is at sea and the views change throughout the entire event, then you will get the same type of experience on a yacht charter. You can either choose to travel to a certain area where your view can be a skyline, or a beautiful beach and anchor there for the duration of your wedding, or you can have the captain cruise around and your view will change all the time giving your guests a treat.

A yacht charter can provide some fantastic wedding photos for your memories too.

For more information, reach out to a yacht charter service near you.


19 June 2020