Beyond The White House: 4 Must-See Attractions In Washington D.C.

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The White House is at the top of most people's list of must-see attractions in Washington D.C., but it is far from the only thing to see when you visit the nation's capital. Here are four more attractions you definitely need to take the time to see while you're around.  1. The Library of Congress Even if you are not a bookworm, you need to put the Library of Congress on your list.

15 July 2019

Going To Puerto Rico On Vacation? Hire A Guide For These Reasons

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Puerto Rico is a great vacation destination. You get to explore new culture, try new foods, meet friendly locals, and explore the amazing sights. Rather than explore Puerto Rico on your own, hire a tour guide to navigate your way through your experience. Here are reasons a tour guide is necessary for your island vacation. Language Barriers One of the biggest reasons to hire a tour guide is the language barriers you are bound to come across while traveling the area.

11 June 2018

Learning To Fly: Why It Will Be Harder Than You Think

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Humans were never meant to fly. They do not have feathers, wings, or stretches of leathery skin draping from their arms to their torsos. They also do not have hollow bones like birds. Yet, humans fly, aided by machines. They cannot resist the urge to get into the air and soar over the ground. If you are answering the call of the heavens by taking flying lessons, you should know why it will be harder than you think.

8 May 2018

What Are The Top Features A Conference Room Should Have To Offer?


When you are searching for the right conference room to hold your next event in, there are certain amenities and features it should offer you. The hotel should offer plenty of parking for conference guests, there should be rooms for your out-of-town attendees to stay in, and it should be welcoming and easy to find. What other top features should a conference room have to offer before you book it?

17 April 2018

2 Tips For Renting A Charter Bus For Your Next Trip

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Going on a road trip with 10, 20, or 50 of your closest friends can be a lot of fun but making the transport arrangements for that many people can be challenging as well. If you're planning on renting a charter bus for your adventure, here are two tips for saving money and ensuring you get the best ride possible. Book Directly with the Bus Company If saving money is your biggest priority, then it's important you take every precaution to make reservations for the bus directly with the bus company rather than through a broker.

6 March 2018

Get The Most Out Of Your Disney Disability Access Service Pass


If you're a person with a disability or the parent of a child with a disability and you're looking for an accessible vacation destination, Disney parks are a great choice. Disney makes a great effort to be aware and accommodating for guests with disabilities. One service that Disney offers is the Disability Access Service pass, which is a card with your photo on it that allows you to approach a ride and get a return time for the ride so that you don't have to stand or sit in line for a long wait.

4 March 2018

Why You Should Book A Beachfront Studio For Your Next Beach Vacation

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If you are one of the approximately 45 percent of Americans who take summer vacations, there is a good chance that you are heading to the beach. Beaches across the US have long been popular with vacationers. Many people find the sun, sand, and water to be extremely relaxing. In fact, scientific studies have indicated that being in a location where you can see a lot of blue space, like a large body of water, can lead to lower levels of psychological distress.

27 February 2018